Rusti - Testimonial

Rusti - A trampoline fitness success story

Rusti - Before

Hey Y'all! My name is Rusti and I would like to welcome you to the Altitude Fitness Class! I am an International Flight Attendant, wife, and a mama to 2 crazy boys, but my life really changed when I started 'jumping' in June 2014.

Rusti - After

Last May I had reached my breaking point. I was over weight, totally out of shape, and worst of all, I felt terrible. I HATED working out! I just figured it wasn't in my DNA to be physical. One day after eating some really bad (but delicious) fast food, getting 'winded' from walking up the stairs, and seeing a horrible picture of myself, I had enough! Something had to give! My sister-in-law and I joined Weight Watchers. After a few weeks we needed to start doing something active and decided we would try this trampoline workout we kept hearing about. We had been looking for some sort of a workout that would be more fun and less like 'working out'. We thought this would be easy; jumping to fun music... It couldn't be that bad, right?

We started on a Saturday and after the 'warm up' I was breathing heavy, sweating, and having trouble keeping up with everyone. What had we gotten into?! Girlie, the instructor, kept telling me to try and if I couldn't do it just modify the moves and keep jumping. To my surprise... we did have fun! And unlike a gym there was no one judging me or watching what I could (or couldn't) do. It was awesome! And we were hooked! Before I knew it I was bidding my schedules at work to make sure I wouldn't miss a class. We formed these awesome friendships where we took on a 'buddy system' to make sure we would all be there and encourage each other to work harder. It is SO great! Although it took a while (ok, a LONG while) before I could finish a class without stopping or to be able to pull myself across the floor on plates (Girlie has us do it every class), eventually I did it! The feeling of getting stronger was amazing!

Since starting the Altitude Trampoline Fitness Class and watching what I eat, I have lost 45lbs and have gone from a size 14 to a size 6! I am stronger, more toned and happier than ever! Hooray!!

I was able to do it and you can too! So, get off the computer, grab your water bottle & sweat towel (you will need them!) and come join us!


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